Brian Moreno

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"About Me"

My favorite sports team is:
Chicago Bears

I received my Associates Degree in Science at Harold Washington College. I transferred to NEIU afterwards and decided to choose CS as my major with a concentration in IT. My expected graduation date is Spring 2019. I decided to take CS 300 because I took another web development course before and I enjoyed creating my own web pages.

When it comes to myself, I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I am a fan of video games, football, and technology. When it comes to what kind of technology I prefer I consider myself more a of a hardware guy than software, because computer parts are just fun to handle. My favorite quote is Treat others the way you want to be treated.

6 XHTML Rules

  • Elements must nest symmetrically.
  • Element names are case sensitive. (Convention is to use lowercase values.)
  • End tags are required.
  • Empty elements are signified with a closing slash.
  • Attribute values must be contained in quotation marks.
  • Attribute;value pairs must be written in full (e.g. checked:checked ;).

My Top 10 Favorite Colors

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Black
  4. Gray
  5. White
  6. Silver
  7. Red
  8. Yellow
  9. Brown
  10. Pink

Definition List

A pair of HTML tags containing content.
Code added to an element to provide more information about the element.
It stands for Document Type Definition. It is a set of rules that contains all the elements, attributes, and usage rules for the markup language you are using.
It stands for Uniform Resource Locator. When you type it in the address in your browser, it connects to the appropriate web server and requests the file you specified.
Founded in 1994 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to standardize web markup languages. The W3C, led by Tim Berners-Lee, sets standards for markup languages and provides an open, nonproprietary forum for industry and academic representatives to add to the evolution of HTML.



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