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Plan for Academic Success for All Students (PASAS)

Project PASAS is a partnership between CTC@NEIU and the J.S. Morton High School District 209 in Berwyn and Cicero, Illinois. PASAS provides one-on-one, systematic coaching with 40 English and Social Studies teachers each year, organized by grade level (9th grade first year, 10th -11th grade second year and 12th grade third year).

Coaching focuses on helping teachers plan and evaluate the use of four primary core college readiness strategies included in Classroom Instruction that Works Framework (Marzano, Pickering, & Pollack, 2001). These strategies are used in a cross-referenced matrix with essential literacy strategies that support differentiated instruction (Tomlinson and Allan, 2000). 

The sequenced implementation of the project's professional development targets a single cohort of students as they move through high school, providing an opportunity to measure changes in student achievement. Trained staff is left in place to continue the successful teaching of subsequent student groups.

Coaching focuses on helping teachers plan, use and evaluate four primary core college readiness strategies:

  • Identifying similarities and differences
  • Note taking
  • Non-linguistic representations
  • Cooperative learning

















These approaches are essential for all students, and address key strategies shown to be beneficial to English Language Learners, who constitute a significant presence in classrooms throughout the district.

Contact information

Mary Massie, Ph.D.

Funded by a grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education.