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Motivational Interviewing

How do schools and organizations help students decide to change behaviors that are harmful to them or are interfering with their education without coercion?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a guiding technique/support that helps individuals deal with the ambivalence that they have toward behaviorial change. We help them see the discrepancy between the status quo and change. MI is collaborative rather than prescriptive, honoring the client's autonomy and self-direction rather than providing advice or direction. It helps clients explore their capacity to change and is done with a genuine interest in their experience and perspectives.

Research has shown that it is effective in many settings, including helping individuals with addictions, in corrections, with chronic physical and/or mental health conditions, and with behavior issues in schools. Read our policy brief here.

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Beginning Motivational Interviewing
This workshop will introduce participants to the overall spirit of MI and will spend time gaining specific skills and practicing them. It involves the comfortable practice of open-ended questions, affirmation, summaries, and particularly the skill of accurate empathy.

Intermediate Motivational Interviewing
Building on prior training or exposure to MI, we focus on skill development with extensive practice. Participants will increase skill and ability to carry out MI sessions with client/students.

Advanced Motivational Interviewing
Augmentation of MI skills of open-ended questions, affirmation, summaries, and particularly the skill of accurate ampathic reflection, rolling with resistance, and eliciting "change talk" and commitment language. Preparation for taping for MITI Coding ratings and the production of a training video for MI use in schools.

Cost: $125 per person. Contractual workshops for groups can be arranged. Call for rates.

Scholarships are available. 4 CPDU Clock Hours of Professional Development provided. Lunch is included.

For more information or additional training dates, contact:

Richard Rutschman