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Current Officers

Mani Valathur
Dayani Pieri
Joan Daugherty
Charlie D'lavoy

Abhijit Banerjee


Green Fee Committee Representative:
Steve Lichtenbert

ISEC Representative:
Leslie Urnikis


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Our first meeting of the year will be on
Thursday, September 12th--
moved from BBH 202 to BBH 112.
Elections will be held for vacant offices.
All are welcome!

As of July 1, 2013, we have changed our name from
Green Cycle Group to Green Conservation Group
to more accurately reflect our mission.


See what we did for Earth Day 2013 . . .
Earth Day 2013


Visit our blog at neiu-gcg.blogspot.com

View a map of painted bike routes to campus and public transportation lines (click for large version)

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Or use the interactive version (requires Java)



What is the Green Conservation Group all about?

We strive to promote environmental responsibility on campus at NEIU, through education and community involvement. We encourage likeminded people to join us, bring their concerns and create meaningful change in the name of our environment.

We have activities to promote sustainability and common-sense environmental practices, such as workshops and film festivals. These are designed to promote engagement of the entire community. We also regularly enjoy social activities off-campus, such as visiting special museum exhibits or a farmer's market.


How to get involved:

We meet about twice a month, during the fall and spring semesters. Come to help promote sustainability activities, organize environmental projects and spend time with others who share your interests about the environment and sustainable practices. We hope to have some activities during meetings, as well as planning and social time.

eep up to date and be involved by following the blog, joining the mailing list and/or joining our Facebook group

All are welcome to participate in our activities to promote sustainability and common-sense environmental practices, whether or not you can attend group meetings.

Want more Information? E-mail us at greencyclegroup@gmail.com