Gregory Holmes Singleton, Ph.D.

Professor of History Emeritus

Resident Old Curmudgeon

Northeastern Illinois University


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The silly picture above notwithstanding, Singleton is not a specialist in Late Medieval / Early Renaissance History.  He is simply addicted to Renaissance Faires where he can dress funny and inflict a phony English accent on passersby.


Born in Alabama in 1940, Singleton has been a resident of Chicago since 1970.  He earned his B.A. in History, Philosophy and English at California State University, Northridge and his Ph.D. in History at UCLA.  He has taught at UCLA, the California Institute of Technology (as an adjunct), Northwestern University, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary (as an adjunct), and Northeastern Illinois University, where he became Professor of History Emeritus upon his retirement in 2005. 


In the 1977-78 academic year Singleton was a post-doctoral fellow in social theory at the University of Chicago Committee on Social Thought.  In the 1981-82 academic year he was senior research fellow at the University of Chicago Divinity School Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion.  He has published widely on the social, intellectual, and cultural history of religion in the United States.  His CURRICULUM VITAE contains the titles of a small sampling of his scholarly work, which is recommended for anyone who suffers from insomnia.


Late in his career and continuing into retirement Singleton has ventured into the realm of amateur (some might say rank amateur) quasi-theological musings and poetry (mostly doggerel).  If you are a glutton for punishment, YOU MAY VIEW SOME OF THAT WORK HERE.


Of all of the titles Singleton has had bestowed in his career, the one he cherishes most is Resident Old Curmudgeon, and of course there is a BACK STORY.