A Collection of

Some Attempts at Verse by Singleton

(Only for Those Who Have Nothing Better to do)


Journey Through the Forest of Enigma


Some More Recent Scribblings by Singleton

(Only for Those with Insomnia)


Struggle and Competition: Two Models for Dealing with Difficult Issues in the Church


About Time: Advent Vespers at

Holy Name Cathedral


The Church, Vocation, and the Laity


Martin Luther, the Peasant War, and Anti-Semitism


Stanley Hauerwas:

Celebrity, Theologian, and Reviver


Diversity of a Different Sort


From Triumphal Church to Servant Ekklesia: 

A Conversion Narrative


The Community of St. Francis: A Sort of Ethnography


Discerning Our Unity, Embracing Our Diversity



A Confession of my Idiosyncratic Predilections Concerning Scriptural Interpretation


How to (potentially) Avoid Worship Wars


Josiah Royce and 21st Century Christian Theology


Scholars of Religion in and Of California


Historians of Christianity in Ekklesia and in Academia