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The tribe of Mercury - has a dwarf-like image, with a beard and looks arrogant The tribe of Venus - has an elf like look with fiery looking eyes and powers the tribe of earth - has an elf like look with green hair and is wielding a staff with magical powers the tribe of Mars - looks like a golem made of rocks with no legs that is engulfed in fire the tribe of Jupiter - looks like a golem made of rocks but is cooler blue and has wind powers coming from its body the tribe of Saturn - looks like a blue wraith, mysterious but deadly the tribe of Uranus - looks like a dread knight which wields an ice forged sword and has shining blue eyes. the tribe of Neptune - looks like a being made of tornado which has the power over the waters and has a stormy figure

The Great Solar Race

animated gif of the solar system floating on top of a hand with the words THe Great Solar Race at the bottom

Every 165 years, the 8 tribes of each planet within the Solar System gather to compete in a set of challenges that take place on all of their home worlds. These challenges were designed by the planet’s governed bodies and tribes, then approved by all to carry on The Great Solar Race.

The terrain in which the warriors are set in consists of mountainous planes reaching heights that scale up to 5,500 meters high, surfaces covered in high levels of methane and nitrogen ice, areas that experience large storms with high speed solarwinds, extreme temperatures ranging from -385 degrees to 864 degrees Fahrenheit, and in some cases, no solid ground.

Each tribe is dropped 184 miles from each other, then given a 48-hour time frame for setting up weapons and rations to be used if the challenge permits it.

Each tribe is provided a set of potions, known as the Philter of Repair, which provides an equal anatomy alteration amongst each of the participants to allow them to survive on each planet.

After the 48 hours are up, the competing tribe members are brought together to participate in 8 different challenges in order to gain control of the Pyro Star, also known as the Sun. The tribe that manages to win the most challenges, wins the star, which in turn gives them total control over the Solar System, until Neptune completes its revolution period.