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Jean Hemzacek
Senior Instructor,
Earth Science
First Year Experience Program

Northeastern Illinois University 
5500 North Saint Louis Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60625 

E-mail: J-Hemzacek (AT)
Phone: 773/442-6056 
Fax:      773/442-5710

OFFICE:      BBH 221B    

Spring 2020  Office Hours:
   M, W:  1:00  - 2:00 pm
         T:   9:30 - 11:30 am

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Current Courses  -  Spring 2020
Also check D2L for information about your course.

  ESCI 121 - Sec 1   (MW 9:00 am)             

  ESCI 121 - Sec 2   (MW 11:00 am)       

  ESCI 121 - Sec 4   (MW  2:25 pm)

Recent Courses
Fall 2019

      ESCI 121 - Sec 5 
     ESCI 121 - Sec 1
     ESCI 121 - Sec L18

Summer 2019
     ESCI 123 - Sec. L18  - Environmental Geology

     ESCI 123 - Sec. 1   -  Environmental Geology

Spring 2019
     ESCI 109 - FYE: Chicago Rocks!
     ESCI 121 - Intro to Earth Science
       Sec 1           Sec 2  


Fall 2018
    ESCI 109:     Sec 1           Sec 2
    ESCI 121:
    Sec 1           Sec 4
Summer 2018
    ESCI 123 - Environmental Geology (sec L18, 2nd Half)
    ESCI 123 - Environmental Geology (sec 1, First Half) 
Spring 2018
    ESCI 109 - FYE: Chicago Rocks!
    ESCI 121:     Section 1 (CASEP)           Section 2



ESCI 109 - FYE Chicago Rocks!      
You do not need to buy a text at this time. Text resources will be available (at no cost!) on-line; we will discuss details in our first class session.


There is no specific required text for this course;  a "recommended" text should be available in the NEIU Bookstore.
It is strongly recommended that you have available a textbook on the topic of general geology, Earth science, or physical geology (published by a scientific or academic publisher in the last 8 years) available as a resource for this class. One example is the recommended text, by Tarbuck et al., Earth Science (Prentice Hall). Older versions of this text are available at very low cost. More information will be given in class, and posted in D2L.
Other readings may be provided and/or posted on the web.

ESCI 123 Sec 2 - Environmental Geology
The recommended text for this class is available in the NEIU Bookstore: Montgomery, Environmental Geology (McGraw Hill). Other texts on this topic, including older editions of this same text, are available at low cost through various sources; I encourage you to use any appropriate textbook for this course. If you have questions about appropriate texts, ask your instructor.