Thanks for stopping by! I'm a little new to this (aren't we all?) so let me issue the standard "under construction" caveat.
Near Lake Mills, WisconsinMy name is Robert Kastigar, but most people call me Bob. Sometimes "Sweet Old Bob," and sometimes just those initials.

I'm a mature (that is, older!) student, returning to school, attending Northeastern Illinois University, and live in Chicago, Illinois in the 39th Ward. I've retired as an engineer at WGN Television but I'm very active in my labor union IBEW The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

I ride a  bicycle,  and I'm setting up a separate bicycle page for that.  I play poker, attend movies regularly, read about one or two novels a week. Live theatre too. Another one of my interests is  linguistics and this link is to a page-full of interesting sites. I'm single (divorced) and straight. I'm an amateur radio operator (ham) and my call letters are WA9PLU. I'm also big into apheresis.

Some other web pages (now "cob-web" pages, since the university has been restructured) I've done: the Stage Center Theatre, here at Northeastern Illinois University, and another for the Green Conservation Group, an environmental activist group at NEIU. A couple of years ago, we had a Graduating Class of 1954 from St. Joseph's Grade School in Peru, Illinois page too. Recently (February 2007) we started a Bicycle Club at Northeastern, and I set up a preliminary web page for that. Take a look, and. feel free to offer comments and criticisms!

Comments? I would welcome them! Email to

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