• My web browser is reported as incompatible. Can I still access NEIUport?

If a warning page appears on the display which reports your web browser to be incompatible, it is either unable to access certain functions within NEIUport or it has not yet been tested for compatibility with the NEIUport system.

In the latter situation, if your browser is up-to-date and supports common protocols on the Internet, then there is a good chance you will still be able to access most or all of the functionality within NEIUport. Simply click Continue on the browser warning page and enter the NEIUport site. FireFox v2.x, Internet Explorer v7, and SeaMonkey 1.x will trigger the browser warning page but should be able to access NEIUport without any issues.

• Why does the NEIUport webpage require me to accept a security certificate?

Information sent to and from the NEIUport website is encrypted for security and privacy reasons. A security certificate needs to be downloaded to your computer to enable the security system. If a dialog box asks you to accept a security certificate when accessing NEIUport, simply accept the certificate and continue into NEIUport.

• Why does my web browser log out of NEIUport immediately after I log in?

Certain, customized web browsers provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as AT&T are not compatible with NEIUport. To access NEIUport, we suggest installing a different browser. Links to download alternative web browsers may be found by clicking here.

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