• What is Available on NEIUport?

Using NEIUport, you can quickly and easily access e-mail, groups, and online calendars. NEIUport also serves as a portal to a vast amount of information via channels and tabs.

• How do I get my NetID to log into NEIUport?

  1. 1.Students will need to enter their NEIU ID Card number and date of birth to login to NEIUport for the first time. Staff and Faculty will be receiving their NetID and University ID number by mail. 

  2. 2.Use a web browser to go to http://neiuport.neiu.edu or follow the link on the NEIU home page.

  3. 3.Click on the links underneath “NetID Account Administration” on the NEIUport login screen and enter your information.

  4. 4.After you have obtained your NEIU NetID and new password, return to the NEIUport login screen (http://neiuport.neiu.edu) to sign in.

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• How can I find out more about my NetID?