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General Questions:

  1. What is available on NEIUport?

  2. How do I get my net-ID to log into NEIUport?

Channel Questions:

  1. What are channels?

  2. How do I add additional channels?

  3. How do I remove channels?

  4. How do I customize channel columns?

  5. How do I add additional channel tabs?

Group Questions:

  1. What are groups?

  2. How do I join a group?

  3. How do I remove a group?

Calendar Questions:

  1. How do I view my calendar(s)?

  2. How do I group my different calendars together?

  3. How do I add an event?

  4. How do I delete an event?

  5. How do I add a task (to-do item)?

  6. How do I delete a task (to-do item)?

Compatibility Questions:

  1. My web browser is reported as incompatible. Can I still access NEIUport?

  2. Why does my web browser logout of NEIUport immediately after I log in?

  3. Why does the NEIUport web page require me to accept a security certificate?

  1. Additional Assistance:

  2. If you require additional assistance, you may click on the help icon located in NEIUport’s Navigation Bar. NEIUport Help will automatically show you relevant information regarding the page you are currently viewing. For example, if you click on help while you are viewing your calendar, NEIUport will show you the help files regarding calendars.

NEIUport: Frequently Asked Questions

NEIUport Demonstration:

  1. View a multimedia demonstration of the resources available within NEIUport.

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