ApaTools -- A software toolbox for Approximate Polynomial Algebra
Copyright (c) 2007 by Zhonggang Zeng. All rights reserved.

Updated in Nov. 1. 2010

This package is a research project in development by Zhonggang Zeng, Department of Mathematics, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL 60625,  supported by National Science Foundation under grants DMS-0715127 and DMS-0412003.  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

website: http://homepages.neiu.edu/~zzeng email: zzeng@neiu.edu

Preprint:  ApaTools:  A software toolbox for approximate polynomial algebra, Zhonggang Zeng, 2007

Disclaimer:   ApaTools is distributed "as is" with no warranties, implied or otherwise, that is suitable for whatever purpose.  It is designed for research and education purposes.  Any other use and its resulting damage or loss is strictly the user's responsibility. 

License policy:  There is no license fee for academic and non-profit users.  No redistribution of ApaTools is allowed.  ApaTools (and Apalab) and its functions must be kept in unaltered form and must retain their names.  Users must acknowledge the author of ApaTools and its copyright.  If you wish to distribute a software that makes use of ApaTools, please direct users to this webpage.  Once in about 1000 calls of ApaTools functions, a 10-second pause may occur with a copyright message.  Each release has an expiration date and users must download new a new release afterwards.

Platforms ApaTools is implemented in two platforms: Maple and Matlab. The Matlab version of ApaTools is also named Apalab.  If you are interested in Apalab, enter here.  For Maple version of ApaTools, continue on this page.

       1.  Download  ApaTools.zip
       2.  Unzip the file "ApaTools.zip" in a directory, say  c:\polynomials.  A new directory, say c:\polynomials\ApaTools, will then be created.

Access the toolbox and help pages:
       3.  Start a Maple worksheet
       4.  At a Maple prompt, set the path to the new directory:   [> libname := "c:/polynomials/ApaTools",libname;
       5.  You can now access all the available modules individually.  For example, to calculate the univariate approximate GCD:
                 [> u, v, w, epsilon := ApaTools[uvGCD](f,g,x,theta);
             or, you can load the toolbox by  [> with(ApaTools);    and the access each module using the short form
                 [> u, v, w, epsilon := uvGCD(f,g,x,theta);
       6.  You can now access to the general help page by  [>?ApaTools   and  the help page of each module. For example, try

A Maple classic worksheet  "apatools.mws" is included in ApaTools.zip containing short explanations examples to each module.

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