Recent Publications
The Laguerre iteration in solving the symmetric 
tridiagonal eigenproblem, revisited, 
T.Y. Li and Z. Zeng, SIAM Journal on Scientific 
Computing Vol. 15, No. 5, pp1145--1173,1994.
Postscript file available.
An algorithm for the generalized symmetric tridiagonal 
eigenproblem, T. Y. Li, K. Li and Z. Zeng
Numerical Algorithms, Vol. 8, pp 269--291 (1994).
Postscript file available.
An efficient and accurate parallel algorithm for the 
singular value problem of bidiagonal matrices,
T. Y. Li, N. H. Rhee and Z. Zeng, 
Numerische Mathematik, Vol. 69, pp 283--301 (1995)
Postscript file available.
A scalable eigenvalue solver for symmetric tridiagonal 
C. Trefftz, C.C. Huang, P. K. Mckinley, T. Y. Li and Zeng, 
Parallel Computing, Vol. 21, pp 1213--1240 (1995)
Postscript file available.
Quasi-Laguerre iteration in solving symmetric tridiagonal 
eigenproblems, Q. Du, M. Jin, T. Y. Li and Z. Zeng, 
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Vol. 17, pp 1347-1368,
The quasi-Laguerre iteration, 
Q. Du, M. Jin, T. Y. Li and Z. Zeng, 
in press: Mathematics of Computation
The homotopy continuation algorithm for the real 
nonsymmetric eigenproblem, further development and
implementation, T. Y. Li and Z. Zeng,
SIAM J.on Scientific Computing, Vol. 20, No. 5, pp 1627-1651 (1999)
Postscript file available
On ill-conditioned eigenvalues, multiple roots of 
polynomials, and their accurate computations, 
Z. Zeng, MSRI Preprint 1998-048, 1998
Postscript file available
A rank revealing method and its applications, 
T.Y. Li and Z. Zeng,  [PS file][PDF file]
What are the roots of the Wilkinson polynomial?
Z. Zeng, presentation at Midwest Numerical Analysis Day, 
May 12, 2001. 
Microsoft Powerpoint file available
Presentation at Shanghai matrix conference
Z. Zeng, presentation, 
august, 2002. 
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